An Introverted Struggle- Self Rejection

Photo by Tiago Bandeira on Unsplash In my healing season, I have had to really dig deep to understand why I'm dealing with certain things. Yesterday as I was driving, the Lord started giving me these words to write. Even though I was aware of most of these struggles, He gave me the exact words to to write … Continue reading An Introverted Struggle- Self Rejection

Gut Punch

This is exactly what I needed to hear! I pray everyone reads this so it can inspired them not to hurt God with their words. I also wrote something a few months ago called “Are you hurting God with your words?”

Daddy Daughter Conversations

So today during my prayer time GOD checked me about my words and how I see myself. Now remind you that I was not praying for me at all. I had completed my intercession for those that I need to pray for and had read my devotion for the morning. I have purposely been making a conscience effort to be silent after prayer, because I told Daddy I wanted to hear from him. I wanted to start really making my prayer time the two way conversation it should be.

 So as I laid there in silence, tempted to speak. I heard God say this “Humility is not denying your gift, ability, or beauty by dumbing them down. Humility is being in a place of acknowledging that I gave you those things and thanking me for them and sharing them with others. ” So let me give you some background. I…

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