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The Missing Rib đź’‹

​11-27-16 Sunday 1:40 am
A woman or rarity and wholeness. 

Pure and hidden in the hands of God.

I was the missing rib that was removed from his side.

He was put in a deep sleep, being prepared by God.

Just for me.

Those words were once unfathomable.

They remained a dream that hoped for the accompaniment of a vision.
I am the missing rib that is waiting in preparation.

No other part of the rib cage can compare. 

I been anointed to love him, even in the times he can’t see himself as worthy.

What he doesn’t see, is the strength he has.

As a King…
Adam, I can’t complete you. But I definitely will push out your potential.

You don’t see the greater you, and mainly because God is showing you.

He will ultimately get the glory, but He will most definitely show you the creation that you were predestined to be.
As a rib, that’s why part of why I’m waiting.

When he is ready, he will believe on himself again.

His vision and purpose will be complimented by me.

Though I thought I was ready, I became reminded of who chose me in the first place. 

I lost sight of Him, and now I crave to be closer.

Stronger. Bonded with Him.

If I ever lost sight of that, My First Love, I am so sorry.

I’m sorry if you felt neglected and pushed to the side. 

Because of my unawareness.
I’m returning to you My First Love. 

Love me first, and show me who I am.

First as a woman of God.

In Your timing, present me as the missing rib to the sleeping Adam that is in a deep sleep.

I will be waiting, ready as your helpmate.

But I need to be assured that you will do your job in pursuing and protecting me.

I am hidden in God, and I can’t be exposed to anything outside of that.

My prayer is though, that he is more concerned of the things of you, than the desire he is to be loved by his missing rib.


Sleep well, Adam. My prayer is that your mind is filled with sweet and perfect dreams.


Hakeem’s Lyric: Seeking the Bronze Key

September 3, 2016

Hakeem “Wise”

Shaya “God’s Gift”

Below I have written a poem similar to the poetry style of Songs of Solomon in the Bible, except it is more modern day and easy to figure out its symbolic meanings.. Solomon admired every aspect of his bride. Every aspect of her body, her beauty and pursued her through their relationship. In this story, Hakeem is an example of a modern day husband that pursued his wife in every area of their relationship.  I will post on this blog and include the rest of the parts to the poem series that I will post little by little! Follow my blog to be updated and leave a like or comment below to let me know what you thought of the story! Enjoy…

Hakeem… (The Pursuer)

She is a jewel of her own, incomparable to the others. An Isolated Gem.. Complimented with jewelry that enhances her beauty more. She’s so gentle and beautiful. Precious… I gaze upon her beauty, it is so overpowering. I feel weak, in a good way, because all I want to do is serve her, protect her but most importantly lead her. My Beauty. God must have used a detailed blueprint when He made her. Every detail of her face is perfection, and yet perfectly flawed. Each scar, mark, indent and line.

Shaya… (God’s Gift)

I never thought I was worthy when I was accompanied by my beloved. Hidden. Isolated. Forgotten. That’s what I felt like at times. I never was pursued, I never was lead. I desired to be carried away, but most men weren’t strong enough. They did not have the confidence to approach me.  An answered prayer, that was worth the wait I endured through singleness. In his presence, I never felt my time was wasted. Most of it is spent admiring him. His attire represents him as strong. On his right arm, is a tattoo of my name, engraved in a heart. Simple, but classic. I was afraid that soon he would have to bear the pain of having my name; and if we separated, he would be stuck with it permanently. Thank you my beloved, for teaching me how to be strong. Thank you for embracing me even in the midst of my deepest hurts. I couldn’t trust you at first, but you have truly proved me wrong. You never left…

As Solomon once compared his bride, so am I comparing you “Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the young women.” (Song of Solomon 2:2) Nothing out there in the world that is so perfectly held by God as her. You have had suffered a lot of disappointments, but I am here to protect you from ever feeling that with me. Open your heart to me, and reveal the depths of your soul. I desire to explore your hurts, fears and disappointment; I can’t make them go away, but I will hold you thru it all. I am not your strength, but we both know who grants it to us.

Fight is all we know. The trials we have endured together since the beginning…oh, how hard they seemed at first. Yet, they put to death the fear and the hurt we once knew. It allowed us to cleave, as one. To fight, as one. To struggle, as one. Three cords are not easily broken.

Prior to meeting her, all I knew was fight and all she knew was pain. Well, they are both one in the same. Though her struggles were quite different than mine. Hers kept herself locked in a box covered with roses and leaves and she was afraid to come out. I lacked faith for a while because I thought I never would be able to see her. The key was misplaced, and when I found it, it was distorted.

In the beginning I precaution him. “Don’t open the box. You don’t know what lies inside.” If he knew, he wouldn’t go any further. There was darkness and fear. That’s why the key was distorted, because others had glanced upon the rose decorative box but didn’t realize something so ugly could be lying inside the box.The trespassers purged their way through, and jacked up the key. Neither could they open it. The cry for help frightened them and they proceeded no further, dropping the key in various places.

Her Father gave me the key…that was the only way…I spent so much time searching for it. He put it right in my sight; a dull bronze key lied within His hand. “This is to be treasured. If you cannot treasure it, I will have to ask for it back.” His last reply made me think. I really had to be careful, this wasn’t any ordinary key. The key was to her heart.