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Lonely Road

I absolutely love this song. For the portion I grew closer in my walk with God 5 years ago, I walked alone. Just a high school girl, who was actually anointed to be a woman of God. Fast forward those 5 years later, I’m in a greater dwelling place of the Lord. It feels even lonelier now. Just me and God. But what I’m learning during this season of being alone with God is that He is all I need. I feel like we hear people talk about contentment in Christ like it is so easy; they even put it in worship songs like it’s so simple to just surrender everything to God. Fact of the matter, it hurts when you have no one to turn to but God… But maturity is found when you continue to press in. God actually had to draw me closer to Him through isolation. Nobody around to be distracting. Even though feelings of confusion continue to lie within, I will lie on my face before my Father and cry out. Those lonely nights when I want someone to talk to, I don’t even take it to the “friends” that are left, it goes straight to the Father.

I love you, Jesus…thank you for being faithful. The only one that has kept me this whole time. For you have never abandoned.



**Dance with me, Jesus…**

Photograph is creditted to Love-everlastong-ministries.com

Dance me into the everlasting, Jesus. That’s all I’ll ever need. Take my hand and twirl me thru heaven. Let me see the gold streets and the pearly gates.

Take my hand, Jesus…escort me as a gentleman should. You are my first love, you have been the one to always walk me thru. Sometimes the steps don’t make sense, but you guide me through it. 



As we dance, I can’t help but adore the beautiful music. Psalms and worship. The angels admire us from the side. They play the music as you and I continue our dance. You twirl me, and we go back to our steps again. 

Oh Jesus….please never let me go. This is only once dance, but can we never stop? I want this forever, never to end…