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A New Breed

Hey everyone! I’m writing a little unrhyming poetry on something that was on my spirit last night. I find that now adays, there’s such difference in the way I relate to people. Like, there are very few people on that relatable level. So I was inspired to write this to just be vulnerable about how I feel very different from people sometimes, but I still embrace being unique. It’s a little different than what I usually write, but I hope you enjoy it!

A New Breed

I’m a new breed of human. And that’s not to sound weird. 

Everywhere I look though, people of similar relatablility are yet to be found.

It’s like they sense my uniqueness, and are turned away, uninterested maybe.

Unique, passionate and full of soul & culture.

On fire for God, His Princess, Royalty. 

I have yet to find someone that understands, 

Even a quarter what I say. If I did, I would be good. 

I don’t question if I’m unique or hate the fact I am the way I am.

Secretly though, I wish I could find the tribe of “misfits” similar to myself.

As I said, the “uniqueness” that I refer to are not weird passions, or odd interests.

But simply a life of serving God and embracing life’s beauty, diversity and God’s creativity. 
Living as a new breed means being set apart.

The trials that come with being set apart is having to walk the road alone sometimes, most of the time.

Endurance, perserverance, and above all… strength.

A graceful woman and a soulful spirit. 

I’m passionate about things that the world sees as foreign.

I am in love with cultures that are not my own, and embrace them beautifully. 

In all honestly, I have become apart of culture myself as I daily grow through it passionately. 

What I am about, I hope to find in another one day.

But in this new breed…

With a population of 1, at least that I know,

They don’t exist… do they?

If they do, welcome to my…our world. 


Black Kings: Reclaim Your Throne 

From the soul in your heart,

To the beauty of your skin,

You are a piece of art.

Every shape and facial feature,

Every curve, every line.

Everything about you, is stunning.

Yet society fails to recognize that,

even you do…at times.

With the eyes God gave me,  I only see black kings.

Men that have incredible strength that I have yet to see in any other race.

Your voice is beautiful…

Deep, slurrish, country…call it what you want. It reminds me of the sound of music.

Your hair is breath-taking.

Whether you wear it natural, braided or dreaded up.

Your culture is one I’m fascinated by,

Because of strong men and men who never failed when it came to strength.

Embrace it…your beauty is not what defines you as king. But you need to realize your overall value.

These are just a few things that enhance your Kingly status.

Stereotypes shall not limit you…

For you are more.

Regardless of your background, upbringing, family, home life, or parents,

You are a King.

Reclaim your throne, because your life can only be in control by you.

You weren’t meant to live as average.

You weren’t meant to live as less than.

A King is valued everywhere he goes, but first he must realize his identity before anyone else does.

When they try and devalue you, you shrug it right off. You already know who you are…

Rise up, King. Reclaim your throne.

Adjust that crown to sit upright on your head.

You are valued…
-Love your sister Queen who is rooting for you.

The Isolated Gem Pt.2

June 21, 2016
Similar to the gem in the hands of the miner…

She is a Queen; a precious Jewel, but not an ordinary one. A rare jewel that hasn’t been seen before that sparkles of every type of color in her Father’s crown (Zechariah (9:16). She is Proverbs 31, at least in the making because she seeks daily to become the type of woman that He desires her too. She is not flawless, but perfectly flawed. Every morning she wakes up wishing that she could be something different, someone different. But her Father comes to her as He wakes her up to remind her that she was not meant to be different than who she was, because He already created her different (Proverbs 30:30).

Lonely nights turning quickly around as she spends time with her Father, and laying every distraction aside. He whispers gentle promises to her about the future she will hold…Big things, great things…everything sounds unthinkable. But her Creator already prepared a destiny for her to walk in and now it is time. Her dreams are not diminished to anything small (Jeremiah 29:11).

Underneath her sparkle lied deep blemishes from past handlings. Scrapes and scratches that had eventually left scars. But He still saw her value. He still came to the rescued her again, healing every blemish that was supposed to be irremovable (Psalm 51:10). He still saw value after all of her flaws…and He continued to purify her, to keep her looking even more beautiful. Even though her heart had been scarred from the rejection of mankind, she had been untouched by the hands of a man.

He isolated her, because she was sacred to Him. Untouched.  Any association with this jewel had to go through the hands of her Father first. She was bought with a price, and if any man wanted her, her Father could only grant the permission. She was guarded, because He valued her that much. He protected her even in the times she didn’t see danger ahead. Hidden under His wings, as He isolated her because He wanted her fully to Himself. The world was a distraction and still is. Her Father wanted to keep her protected from the impurities of the world. She was the purest thing, because she did nothing outside of the will of God. Honoring everything that He set forth for her to obey. (Jeremiah 1:5)

Her purity was sacred, her image was holy as she represented her Father and her worth was priceless. This beautiful gem could not be cherished by many, because only her Father knew how too. He would have to teach them, because her worth is far above rubies (Proverbs 31:10). She is held precious within His hands and to accept anything less would be settling. Her Father knows best for her…and as she submits to Him, He will give her the desires of her heart (Psalms 37:4).

She never realized her value until she realized that she was beautifully broken, in need of her Savior. Once wounded, but forever set free. No more pain, no more grief. Her Father rescued her and kept her safe. And yet, all this time, His view of her never once changed.

Set Apart at birth…A Royal Queen. But a Princess in the eyes of her Father (Ephesians 2:10).

God’s Word to Me: Rise Up, King

As I was walking with my Father near a beautiful ocean, I asked Him a couple of things. I didn’t understand, could there me more to mankind, Daddy? What are the qualities of a King? I have no idea what royalty looks like, and if I’ve ever met a King..these men must be of another species of royalty. Then I gain the courage up to ask Him, “Father, what are the qualities of a King?”

My Father turns to me and smiles at me. Then He answered me by explaining:

“In this world, there are two types of men. There is man and there’s a King. The examples you have seen in this world do not exemplify my definition of a King. They are very rare to cross paths with. My precious daughter, a King is not someone that possesses much wealth or high status because those kind have gained favor with the world, but never encountered the prescence of Me..the Heavenly King. Such a man has favor with the world, a King finds favor in the heart of the Lord. I smile upon them daily as they are humble and obedient. Glory could never be labeled on their name because they give their strength and credit where it is due. I honor them more than anyone else, because it takes great humility to deny their pride and follow after me.”

I watched my Father gracefully finish explaining these things to me. 
“A KING is a warrior.  I have placed special strength upon the ones who are going to be made stronger through their weakness. It is a sign…a wonder…of a true one who is going to make it through his battles. Notice, he will never give up. And you will never hear him curse against Me for his circumstances.”

I grew more fascinated. This was no longer a question, but a reality. 

“You will be able to recognize the difference because they are hit with the strongest warfare.” My eyes grew wide because I didn’t understand. Why do Kings face trials but the men of the world were able to just live their lives stress free?

It was like He sensed my thoughts, even though He already knew them. “The men of the world live their lives freely. And they have an enemy who wants to keep their soul; so their enemy sends comfort and pleasure their way to keep them distracted. Since they never suffer from trials, they do not know the Source of their strength. They lie comfortably, never suffering or doing without because pleasure and selfish desires consume them. They do not know how to be dependent on Me in their weakness. Neither do they face much weakness, and if they did, they would never admit to it. A King though…He will fight with all the life left in him, even if he is pushed flat on his face before his enemies. Though I did not create the afflictions that these warriors face in their lifetime. I have the power to turn it around for good. I will not allow them to be left destroyed. Through My Power, I will rise them up to defeat every evil thing that tried to conquer them. My love,” He said as he caressed my hand, “You can tell the strength of a King by the position he remains in during his battle.”

“So um. What are you saying?” I asked confused.

“If he is a King, he will not stay on his face. He will take a knee, and call on Me. That’s how you will be able to tell if he can fight his battle. He depends not on his own strength, but on the Source of power that is within him. Me…”

I have so many more questions. I want to know more. But wait…this is all starting to make sense. A man has to be anointed as a King. He is called…no wait…chosen.

“Does that help you understand?” He said to me. We finally stopped and turned towards each other. 

“One more question. What would make you grant favor upon a King?”

“Well.” He paused for a moment and began staring in my eyes. I really got His attention with that question. “He gains favor because of his surrender. I choose the King, but it is his choice whether to accept me, and allow me to elevate him in higher places.” Another pause… “But as you have asked, other than his total surrender to me. I have set the special favor upon him by the prayers of Queens all over the world. And because of their prayers, I will have favor upon the Kings.”

“Okay, Father. I clearly understand everything now.” 

It all made sense. I understood the royalty. The strength. The humility. The anonting that one man, no…one King had.

“Father, I had to ask you. I never truly understood what  King looked like, but You are all knowing. And I asked because I have recognized what one looks like. It all makes sense now.”

He pulled a tiara from inside His robe. “You…are a Queen.”

A Jewel in His Crown

Zechariah 9:16″ On that day the LORD their God will save them, as the flock of his people; for like the jewels of a crown they shall shine on his land.”

The love I’m learning now, isn’t what I had before. It’s the kind that feels like it’s going away, but you’re holding on so tight to it.

My Father…

He has been the one to never abandon me. A mist all the brokenness I’ve experienced through the years, He’s stayed put. Words like I will carry you through, and I will never forsake you. that’s what keeps me going. 

For a while, I didn’t feel as close to Him. Pain and confusion ruptured my mind. I could not find my Father. He told me He’d never leave. Though I couldn’t find Him. 

Now I’ve had to find my way back into His arms. I must have been so far away to get this distant. I’m sorry, Father. Never again. You are my focus to stay. 

I fight through faith and understanding of His promises. As much as I want to throw my hands up, my eyes cannot look downward. If I do, I’m gone for good. Father, even though I’m still traveling back, and finding my way to You, please just speak a word. If I could only hear Your voice, I will not stumble. I’m doing my best, Lord. 

My mind is distracted and concrete with pain. I don’t understand….aren’t I better than this? Aren’t I better than the pain of the outside world? It makes me never want to step foot outside again. I am handling it the best way I can. Or how I know to. Studying your Word. Overlooking your promises.

Not long ago, You said you haven’t failed me. I will hold tight to that..because everything I once knew isn’t apart of me anymore. I’m not beoken, but I’m struggling to find true wholeness..in You. 

I want to be in love again, with You. But I’m hurting. If you remove the focus f my hurt, I will be fine. All I need is understanding. You an have everything else, I don’t want anything anymore. 

You’ve proven to me my Rock and Fortress. When I trusted You, Ive never been disappointed. I experienced pain and trials, but they gave me the faith I now hold. The pain is slowly disappearing and I feel stronger. more confident. 

Take the broken heart away…it’s Yours. And I don’t want it anymore. Align me back into Your Crown. As not a ruby or a diamond, but the rare jewel I have always been. Not looking like the rest of them. My shine is so much brighter. Much more purer. Sparkling, more than ever. Fit me back into the space I’ve always had on Your Crown. Keep me safe there. Because I know with you, I’m protected. Keep me hidden so I never fall out. Hidden in You..I’ll remain. I shall not be afraid or disappointed.

Daughters of a King…