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God’s Word to Me: Lioness Arise

The Lord: “You are free….those simple words you said last night. They destroyed anxiety, fear and uncertainty. Doubt is dead. Bondage is no longer chained on you. I have set you free….
Now. You are a woman of faith. Remember what I revealed to you last night. Don’t go away from My Word. Hold on tighter this time. I have equipped you to make it through. The trail of this valley is almost over. Keep going strong, end strong. You have My Word, and there is nothing that should waver your faith now. I will guide you through as I have always.

 This time, nothing is going to take your faith away. You are fully capable to withstand the rest of these enemies through me. I’m fighting your battle. We are going to make it through together.  But this time, you aren’t relying on your own strength. You are weak, and you know that. My Power is the only thing thats going to get you through, and through the rest of your life. You are restored. Your faith is restored. And I am restoring what I started long ago. Something new and beautiful, beyond your wildest expectancy. Stay close Daughter, I got this…

Roar, Queen. Roar…

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Lonely Road

I absolutely love this song. For the portion I grew closer in my walk with God 5 years ago, I walked alone. Just a high school girl, who was actually anointed to be a woman of God. Fast forward those 5 years later, I’m in a greater dwelling place of the Lord. It feels even lonelier now. Just me and God. But what I’m learning during this season of being alone with God is that He is all I need. I feel like we hear people talk about contentment in Christ like it is so easy; they even put it in worship songs like it’s so simple to just surrender everything to God. Fact of the matter, it hurts when you have no one to turn to but God… But maturity is found when you continue to press in. God actually had to draw me closer to Him through isolation. Nobody around to be distracting. Even though feelings of confusion continue to lie within, I will lie on my face before my Father and cry out. Those lonely nights when I want someone to talk to, I don’t even take it to the “friends” that are left, it goes straight to the Father.

I love you, Jesus…thank you for being faithful. The only one that has kept me this whole time. For you have never abandoned.


Dear Rome…

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October 27, 2015

Dear Rome,

Your heart reflects pain and tribulations. You feel as if others can’t see your worth and understand your dealings. You feel weak inside, but express strength on the outside. You don’t realize that you are strength; that a vision of you is like a rock that can be thrown every which way but does not crumble. You are strong. A vision of your strength keeps recurring  of your back as a symbol. You are constantly enduring the weight of your world on your shoulders, but you are a warrior who fights it off. Rome, You are strong! You are so capable of endurance even though you don’t think you are. You got this, love.

Love Jewel

*This poem was fully inspired by the movie Rome & Jewel. A modern day version of Romeo and Juliet. I was inspired to write this about my future husband two years ago. Ironic enough, I was searching through my notebook and it was amazing how spot on, but really prophetic this “letter” was. One thing you will notice about my writing is that when  I write, it is solely based on something that is has already or is about to take place. My poetry has prophetic meaning behind them. God puts the idea in my heart, and I pray as He leads me to writing it. I was simply inspired after I watched the movie and simply enough, God started showing me what my future husband was going through at the moment in 2015. Be encouraged! I hope you’re enjoying my writings. Follow/subscribe, like, comment and connect with me! ❤

God’s Word to Me: Rise Up, King

As I was walking with my Father near a beautiful ocean, I asked Him a couple of things. I didn’t understand, could there me more to mankind, Daddy? What are the qualities of a King? I have no idea what royalty looks like, and if I’ve ever met a King..these men must be of another species of royalty. Then I gain the courage up to ask Him, “Father, what are the qualities of a King?”

My Father turns to me and smiles at me. Then He answered me by explaining:

“In this world, there are two types of men. There is man and there’s a King. The examples you have seen in this world do not exemplify my definition of a King. They are very rare to cross paths with. My precious daughter, a King is not someone that possesses much wealth or high status because those kind have gained favor with the world, but never encountered the prescence of Me..the Heavenly King. Such a man has favor with the world, a King finds favor in the heart of the Lord. I smile upon them daily as they are humble and obedient. Glory could never be labeled on their name because they give their strength and credit where it is due. I honor them more than anyone else, because it takes great humility to deny their pride and follow after me.”

I watched my Father gracefully finish explaining these things to me. 
“A KING is a warrior.  I have placed special strength upon the ones who are going to be made stronger through their weakness. It is a sign…a wonder…of a true one who is going to make it through his battles. Notice, he will never give up. And you will never hear him curse against Me for his circumstances.”

I grew more fascinated. This was no longer a question, but a reality. 

“You will be able to recognize the difference because they are hit with the strongest warfare.” My eyes grew wide because I didn’t understand. Why do Kings face trials but the men of the world were able to just live their lives stress free?

It was like He sensed my thoughts, even though He already knew them. “The men of the world live their lives freely. And they have an enemy who wants to keep their soul; so their enemy sends comfort and pleasure their way to keep them distracted. Since they never suffer from trials, they do not know the Source of their strength. They lie comfortably, never suffering or doing without because pleasure and selfish desires consume them. They do not know how to be dependent on Me in their weakness. Neither do they face much weakness, and if they did, they would never admit to it. A King though…He will fight with all the life left in him, even if he is pushed flat on his face before his enemies. Though I did not create the afflictions that these warriors face in their lifetime. I have the power to turn it around for good. I will not allow them to be left destroyed. Through My Power, I will rise them up to defeat every evil thing that tried to conquer them. My love,” He said as he caressed my hand, “You can tell the strength of a King by the position he remains in during his battle.”

“So um. What are you saying?” I asked confused.

“If he is a King, he will not stay on his face. He will take a knee, and call on Me. That’s how you will be able to tell if he can fight his battle. He depends not on his own strength, but on the Source of power that is within him. Me…”

I have so many more questions. I want to know more. But wait…this is all starting to make sense. A man has to be anointed as a King. He is called…no wait…chosen.

“Does that help you understand?” He said to me. We finally stopped and turned towards each other. 

“One more question. What would make you grant favor upon a King?”

“Well.” He paused for a moment and began staring in my eyes. I really got His attention with that question. “He gains favor because of his surrender. I choose the King, but it is his choice whether to accept me, and allow me to elevate him in higher places.” Another pause… “But as you have asked, other than his total surrender to me. I have set the special favor upon him by the prayers of Queens all over the world. And because of their prayers, I will have favor upon the Kings.”

“Okay, Father. I clearly understand everything now.” 

It all made sense. I understood the royalty. The strength. The humility. The anonting that one man, no…one King had.

“Father, I had to ask you. I never truly understood what  King looked like, but You are all knowing. And I asked because I have recognized what one looks like. It all makes sense now.”

He pulled a tiara from inside His robe. “You…are a Queen.”