The Missing Rib 💋

​11-27-16 Sunday 1:40 am A woman or rarity and wholeness.  Pure and hidden in the hands of God. Untouched... I was the missing rib that was removed from his side. He was put in a deep sleep, being prepared by God. Just for me. Those words were once unfathomable. They remained a dream that hoped … Continue reading The Missing Rib 💋


Hakeem’s Lyric: Seeking the Bronze Key

September 3, 2016 Hakeem "Wise" Shaya "God's Gift" Below I have written a poem similar to the poetry style of Songs of Solomon in the Bible, except it is more modern day and easy to figure out its symbolic meanings.. Solomon admired every aspect of his bride. Every aspect of her body, her beauty and … Continue reading Hakeem’s Lyric: Seeking the Bronze Key